New Gas Fireplace

The unused, unlit, unloved wood burning fireplace in our house needed some attention. I started by teeing off of the line I previous installed to run the garage heater.

Unfortunately the pipe had to be moved away from the wall to account for this, but now the main house gas line couldn’t reach the tee! I ended up wrapping around the pipe and using a union to get it connected.

I ran the gas line through into the crawlspace along the joists to the fireplace. I added some temporary support while drilling the hole in the subfloor for the gas valve key. Once it was lined up and drilled I affixed the gas pipe to the joist for a secure connection. After going through the key valve I ran the gas line outside and along the side of the chimney, supported with Unistrut channel and brackets along the way.

I used a rotary hammer and a long bit to drill through the brick to the outside of the house. I ran the gas line in through the hole from outside.

I originally underestimated how thick the fireplace was!

Had to go back to the store for a larger bit

Since the fireplace has a working chimney with flue I decided to use a normal gas fireplace instead of an insert or something that doesn’t require an actual chimney. Flexible gas line connected to the fireplace, all that was left was wood!

In the video you can still see the gas line, afterwards I purchased 15lbs of lava rock and poured it around the outside of the fireplace to hide the grate and the gas line.

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