Cavalier Cleanup

Interior cleaning of the Cavalier was completed today:



All of the seats were removed and cleaned: 20140901_144518  20140901_144445


The backseat is still covered in a bit of glitter from the previous owners’ daughter, but otherwise in good shape.20140901_144437


Stock floor mats were in great condition especially considering they were made in 2005. The passenger seat wouldn’t move front or backwards. The sliders on the bottom of the seat were missing a cable that attaches the two. After a replacement was installed and the slider placed back on track everything started working nice.20140901_144421



The rest of the pistons were removed from engine and stripped of their pistons/oil rings:20140901_164059


Replacement parts have been ordered, engine head, timing chain kit, head gasket, and some head bolts are in the mail!20140901_164053

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