3D Printer Upgrades + Covid Masks

I was printing masks for my local hospital when suddenly my smoothieware board bit the dust!

Don’t leave your printer unsupervised!

I never had very good luck with this board, nothing can be fixed easily on it when steppers break etc. I upgraded to a more modern solution, the SKR 1.4 Turbo controlled via Octoprint running on a Raspberry Pi 4.

New all metal frame

While I was replacing the controller and cleaning up the burnt table I replaced all of the old 2525 aluminum extrusion with new 2020 from Misumi. I got the aluminum corner pieces from RobotDigg.

The new dimensions were slightly large to get more of the print surface inside the triangle for better print accuracy. I upgraded to the e3d volcano hotend for faster printing. I also replaced the old frankensteined SeeMeCnc carriage rollers with linear slides from ebay.

Temporary cross shaft to hold spool
Printing a new mask with 0.6mm layers, much faster!
The print bed can hold up to 6 masks at a time if everything is laid out perfectly

I also got an enclosure made by a family member to keep the temperatures inside up and to also dampen the noise.

Always have your fire extinguisher ready!
Small webcam set up for time lapses
Sent to local hospitals to help prevent shortages.
First multi day print with new upgrades

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