Tech Support Pricing


Service Description Price
Virus/Spyware Removal Removing multiple Virus/Spyware/Malware from system $150
Computer Setup New machine setup and configuration with desired applications $50
Hardware Install Installation of hardware inside or outside of system $75
Memory Install Memory installation to boost overall system performance $100
Hardware Repair Diagnostics and repair of system hardware $100
Operating System Install Installing any operating system onto system $150
Software Install Installing and configuring applications onto system $75
Printer Setup Installation and configuration of a wired printer to one system $75
Wireless Printer Setup Installation and configuration of a wireless printer to multiple systems $100
Printer Troubleshooting Diagnostics and repair of one printer $75
Data Recovery Recovering lost data from hard drives / flash drives $150
Data Backup Backing up valuable information to secondary storage device $75
Computer Tune-up Improving overall system performance $100


Service Description Price
Wireless Network Install Installing wireless hardware and configuring devices for access $150
Wireless Network Troubleshooting Troubleshooting wireless networks including slow performance $100
Wired Network Install Installing wired hardware including network cables to desired devices $200

Home Theater

Service Description Price
TV Mounting Mounting flatscreens to wall including wire routing and organization $100
TV Mounting Hidden Wires Mounting flatscreens to wall including hidden wire routing and organization $150
System Setup Assembling and configuring a home theater system including Blu-Ray players etc $150
Control with one remote Setting up system to be controlled by one remote control $75
Video Game installation (Xbox One, PS4, etc.) Configuring console to work with an existing home theater system $75
Video Game troubleshooting Resolving issues with playing games or general usage of a video game console $50

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  1. Matt,
    Looking to schedule new TV mounting and system set up. We just got a new 55″ flat screen to replace our enormous rear projection tv. We just need someone to help us disconnect and reconnect and hopefully reduce all of the wires, etc.

    Call ***-**** to help us schedule you. We are not sure what other “equipment” we might need so may need an initial consult so you can see our current situation and then you can tell us what else to go and buy before you do the setup.

    *** and **** *****

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